10 Steps to Consider When Purchasing a Spa or Swim Spa

1. Assess Your Lifestyle Needs

Think about what you need from a spa. Are you after relaxation, fitness, or a bit of both? Make sure you’ve got enough space in the backyard for the spa or swim spa.

2. Measure Your Space

Take accurate measurements of the area where you plan to install the spa. Halo offers a range of sizes to suit different outdoor settings.

3. Set Your Budget

Decide how much you can spend on the purchase and ongoing upkeep. Halo provides top-quality spas at prices that won’t break the bank.

4. Explore Spa Features

Look at the features Halo spas offer, like hydro massage jets, LED lighting, and the Quicklock™ Door System. Choose the features that will make your spa time more enjoyable.

5. Consider Energy Efficiency

Halo’s energy-efficient design, including Heatlock™ insulation and Thermalock™ R1.8 Insulation, helps keep running costs down while keeping your spa warm.

6. Durability and Warranty

Halo spas use DuraGal® Australian Structural Steel and come with a 25-year shell structural warranty, ensuring your spa is a long-term investment.

7. Check Out the Heating System

The Eco heating system, like the Chilli 9kW Heat Pump Inverter, offers efficient temperature control and can help lower your energy bills.

8. Maintenance Know-How

Get familiar with the maintenance Halo spas need, including the freshwater sanitization system and anti-vibration pump mountings. 

9. Customisation Options

Consider additional features and customisation options such as the Max Swim System for better hydrotherapy and fitness experiences.

10. Talk to the Halo Experts

Get in touch with Halo’s customer service team. They’re passionate about helping you find the perfect spa for your lifestyle, one that adds relaxation, fitness, and joy to your daily routine.

Remember, choosing a Halo spa or swim spa isn’t just about the specs – it’s about finding a model that enhances your lifestyle with a touch of luxury, relaxation, and fun.