Halo 4.5

The Perfect Swim Spa Retreat

Introducing the Halo 4.5

Your personal sanctuary that seamlessly merges relaxation, fitness, and endless family enjoyment. This exquisite swim spa, designed with a comfortable seating capacity for five, is the ideal oasis for families, couple and individuals seeking a serene swim spa environment tailored to their needs. With the Halo 4.5, every sunrise brings an invitation to indulge in a haven of tranquility and rejuvenation, right in your backyard.

While the Halo 4.5 is compact in design, it’s abundant in its offerings. Beneath its contemporary, minimalist exterior lies a world of unmatched comfort and indulgence. Its spacious seating arrangement ensures optimal leisure, and the substantial swim area guarantees that every second spent is absolute pleasure. Furthermore, the swim spa comes alive as the sun sets, with subtle yet captivating LED lights creating an enchanting atmosphere for your evening relaxation or workout sessions.


  4.54.5 MAX
Electrical Requirements16 AMPS32 AMPS
Dimensions (mm)4470 x 2300 x 14004470 x 2300 x 1400
Water Capacity (L)60006000
Seating 55
Dry Weight (KG)900950
  4.54.5 MAX
Rush 50 Directional Jet88
Rush 90 Directional Jet44
Rush 90 Pulse Jet88
Rush 90 Knead Jet88
Rush 130 Pulse Jet33
Rush Swim Jet24
Rush Ozone Jet11
  4.54.5 MAX
Halo Control ModuleBP601BP2100
In-built Heater3kW3kW
Halo Filtration Pump11
Halo Boost Pumps2 x 880 litres per min4 x 880 litres per min
Air Controllers56
Safety Suctions48
CD Ozone Sanitiser11
Skim Filter Catridges4 x 50sqft4 x 50sqft
Halo Spa Interface 1 x SpaTouch 3+1 x SpaTouch 3+

The subtle Light Ivory or Lunar Marble finish of our cabin accentuates its sophisticated design and seamlessly blends with your backyard aesthetics.

The Lunar Marble finish of our swim spa cabin accentuates its sophisticated design and seamlessly blends with your backyard aesthetics. Australian Made Swim Spas  

Eco Heating System

No matter the season, you are ready to experience the best.

Unlock the potential with a Chilli 9kW Pool Heat Pump Inverter. This sophisticated addition to your Halo Swim Spa not only enhances your comfort but also promotes a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Our Eco heating system is a marvel of modern technology, representing the pinnacle of our heating range. Powered by inverter technology, it ensures the most efficient use of energy to maintain your swim spa’s ideal temperature.

With this advanced system, you can regulate a temperature range of 5°c – 40°c, scheduled from your smartphone, anywhere, anytime. This convenience allows you to tailor your spa experience to suit your preferences, ensuring your swim spa is always ready when you are. Reduce your energy bills by 80% and heat your spa three times faster.

The Chilli 9kW Heat Pump Inverter empowers you to extend your swimming season. With efficient and reliable heating, you can now enjoy your swim spa all year round.

Enhance your Halo Swim Spa with the Chilli 9kW Heat Pump Inverter, and immerse yourself in a premium swim spa experience that’s as unique as you are.

chilli heater

Ecosmart Inverter Pool Heater 9KW

Max Swim System

Experience Unparalleled Power and Boosted Hydrotherapy

Experience the pinnacle of spa luxury and wellness by upgrading to Max. This elevated option equips your swim spa with an advanced power engine, delivering a swim current that is both stronger and smoother.

Ideal for fitness enthusiasts seeking a rigorous aquatic workout or those desiring a more intense hydrotherapy experience, the power engine of Max adds a thrilling new dimension to your swim spa.

But Max isn’t just about powerful currents; it’s also about enhanced wellness. The upgrade includes boosted hydrotherapy features that take relaxation and recovery to a whole new level. With additional Halo boost pumps, the waterflow through the Rush swim jets can be incrementally increased to over 3,500 litres per minute, tailoring the swimming experience to every level of fitness.

Max is more than an upgrade; it’s a revolution in your spa experience. It’s about pushing boundaries, surpassing expectations, and refusing to compromise on your wellness and exercise. Choose Max and embrace the absolute best of what Halo has to offer. Experience the power and wellness of Max.

The Extra Mile
Support & Care

At Halo, we believe that exceptional products should be matched with equally exceptional customer service.

Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with a seamless, satisfying experience, from the moment you first interact with us to the many years of enjoyment in your swim spa.

Our customer service professionals are not just knowledgeable; they are passionate about helping you make the most of your investment.


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