Unmatched Experience

Discover the benefits of the Halo Swim Spas

Fresh Water

At the heart of Halo Swim Spas is fresh water - a testament to our Australian roots and the high-quality resources with which we are blessed.

As Australia’s first fresh water swim spa company, we firmly hold the belief that your swim spa experience should be defined by purity and tranquility. With the introduction of the revolutionary Fresh Water Sanitisation System, we’re changing the game in swim spa water sanitation. This system harnesses the power of silver and copper ions to eliminate bacteria and algae, thereby preserving water in its purest state.

By purifying water to near-drinkable levels, we’re doing more than just creating a healthier choice for families; we’re providing a solution that is as gentle on the environment as it is on your skin. Through water conservation and reducing the need for added chemicals, the fresh water sanitisation system not only prolongs the longevity of your swim spa’s mechanisms and plumbing, but it also minimises upkeep and saves you thousands of dollars on maintenance costs.

Halo Swim Spas stands proud as a pioneer in  swim spa sanitisation. We’ve taken away harsh substances like chlorine or bromine and other sanitising chemicals. This allows you to bid farewell to irritating chemicals and unpleasant odours. With our unwavering commitment to your wellness, you can dive into a swim spa experience that’s not only purer but infinitely more enjoyable.

Comparing Annual "Added" Sanitisation Costs*

Up to

Chlorine Free Sanitisation System
$ 0
Chlorine Sanitisation System
$ 0
Halo Fresh Water Sanitisation System
$ 0

*Estimated costs per year as per chemical manufacturer recommendations.

Optimised Efficiency

Halo embraces adaptability, designing swim spas with a deep appreciation for the varying climates and distinctive lifestyle we enjoy in Australia.

At Halo, energy efficiency isn’t an afterthought; it’s a cornerstone of our design philosophy. Key to this, our innovative HeatLock™ insulation encapsulates the fibreglass shell of your swim spa, working in perfect harmony with our ThermaLock™ R1.8 Insulation that lines the frame.

Together, this dynamic duo forms a thermal stronghold, ensuring maximum heat retention during chilly winters and a refreshing coolness when the temperature soars.

But we didn’t stop there. Our elevated thermal base takes insulation to new heights, boasting an advanced design that helps your swim spa maintain the perfect temperature for longer, conserving energy all year round.

More than just insulation, we’ve integrated an intelligent control system that synchronises with ultra-quiet, economical circulation pumps.

This clever system optimises filtration cycles, utilising energy exactly when necessary, without a compromise on performance.

When you choose Halo Swim Spas, you’re not only embracing luxury; you’re making a conscious choice for a more sustainable future.


Innovative Design

Halo's design adds a touch of charm and elegance to any backyard. From its modern and sophisticated lines to its ironbark palette, it perfectly complements your outdoor environment.

Unparalleled in terms of both design and function. No detail has been overlooked in crafting this unique design, perfectly marrying style with substance. With it’s scientifically engineered design, the current patterns provide a smooth and correct hydromassage.

Combining hydro massage jets with advanced LED lighting, the unique Halo Swim Spa is like no other in the industry.

Halo is designed for maximum efficiency and advanced technology, and this is exemplified by its huge and user-friendly touchscreen. All in all, Halo’s design and technological advances bring a luxurious spa experience to everyone.

Find solace in this peaceful and rejuvenating environment and truly experience the essence of Halo.

The QuickLock™ Door System
features texture

The design of Halo Swim Spa’s cabinet illustrates our dedication to blending aesthetics with functionality.

Our ground-breaking QuickLock™ Door System is engineered for ease, facilitating maintenance access without disrupting the sleek, unbroken lines of the cabinetry. The outcome is a captivating design that captures the eye while offering unrivalled ease of use.

An Intuitive Touch of Technology

Central to the Halo Swim Spa is our advanced touchscreen interface. Crafted with durable Gorilla Glass, it offers a tactile experience that puts the control right at your fingertips.


The spacious display enables effortless navigation, turning technology into a partner on your wellness journey. No compromises with the market’s largest interface and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Luxurious & Spacious Cabin

Your Gateway to Rejuvenation and Relaxation.

Elegantly built, our seating arrangement is perfect for those cherished moments with family or friends. Whether you’re seeking social interaction or individual rejuvenation, our spacious cabin ensures that there’s always a perfect spot for you.

Designed for your daily exercise or leisurely relaxation. With the freedom to move unrestricted, the swim area becomes your aquatic playground or workout space.

The subtle Light Ivory or Lunar Marble finish of our cabin accentuates its sophisticated design and seamlessly blends with your backyard aesthetics.

Our LED lighting sets the stage for an enchanting atmosphere. Subtle yet effectively illuminating, these lights create an immersive environment, whether you’re taking a calming dip or engaging in an energizing swim.

You’re not merely acquiring a swim spa; you’re transforming your outdoor space into a personal sanctuary of luxury and wellness.

Embrace the ultimate spa experience, where functionality meets style, only with Halo.

Ultimate Hydrotherapy

Unleash an unparalleled hydrotherapy experience with our luxurious seating equipped with innovative Rush Jets.

Bask in a comforting symphony as precision-placed jets that target specific muscle groups, seamlessly blend therapeutic pressure and soothing relief.

With our user-friendly interface, you can easily tailor your experience, opting for a gentle, calming massage or a more invigorating therapy. Discover the perfect balance of relaxation and rejuvenation tailored just for you. Featuring dynamic interlocking technology and crafted from high-temperature PVC for supreme durability, our Rush jets elevate the standard for spa indulgence.

Rush Directional Jets

Engineered to pinpoint specific areas, the Rush Directional jets powerfully dissolve tension and offer a revitalising massage experience.

Rush Pulse Jets

Masterfully designed to deliver a rhythmic, pulsating massage, the Rush Pulse jets provide a tranquil sensation that paves the way for deep relaxation and renewal.

Rush Knead Jets

Replicating the technique of a deep tissue kneading massage, the Rush Knead jets relieve muscle tension and promote circulation.

Rush Base Jets

High pressure, high volume jets designed to give you the ultimate foot massage, easing muscle tension after a long day of hustle and bustle.

Rush Swim Jets

Designed to provide a balanced current and adjustable for you to set your own rules for your aquatic workout.


Built to Last, Designed for Life

Our commitment to longevity and durability forms the cornerstone of our design philosophy. Our components are thoughtfully engineered and selected to work in perfect harmony, truly setting us apart with swim spas that stand the test of time. At Halo, we believe in delivering not only a world-class swim spa experience, but one that can be relished for decades.

DuraGal® Australian Structural Steel

We believe in enduring excellence, which is why our swim spas are built to stand the test of time. At the core of our spas lies the DuraGal® Australian structural steel frame, renowned for its unmatched strength and corrosion resistance. This forms the foundation ensuring they withstand the challenges of time, providing you with lasting enjoyment.

Anti Vibration Pumps

To enhance the longevity of our spas, we incorporate state-of-the-art anti-vibration pump mountings. These innovative features reduce friction, extending the lifespan of the motors and pumps. By minimizing wear and tear, we ensure that your spa experience remains flawless.

Class 12 Plumbing

We utilise Class 12 food grade plumbing pipes, chosen for their ability to effectively manage water pressure 33% higher than standard spa plumbing while mitigating the risk of erosion. Amplifying our plumbing durability, the freshwater sanitisation system eliminates the need for corrosive chemicals, preserving the integrity of our plumbing for years to come.

High Quality Jets

Every component of our swim spas, including our high-quality Rush jets sourced from the USA, upholds our uncompromising standards. Rigorously tested for endurance and performance, these jets provide an exceptional hydromassage experience.